Impact of COVID-19 on teaching in Australia and New Zealand

We surveyed over 3500 educators in Australia and New Zealand to understand how teaching and learning has changed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

State of Education Whitepaper

Educator perspectives on the impact of COVID19 on teaching and learning in Australia and New Zealand.

Key insights

With over 3500 educators responding, some highlights of the research include:
  • 80% of educators
    Believe students will need extra instructional support when they get back to the physical classroom
  • 70% of teachers
    Say their planning and preparation time has increased
  • >50% of educators
    Feel confident that online learning can meet the needs of students

'Socioeconomic disparities in Australian schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic' Whitepaper

The impact of COVID-19 has affected us all, but the impact on schools in economically disadvantaged areas has been significant in comparison. 

We surveyed educators from over 10% of Australian schools on their experience of online teaching and learning due to COVID-19 and are publishing our findings in an effort to create effective action.

Australia’s Technology Ecosystem During COVID-19

The Australian education system saw a great shift in the use of technology due to COVID-19. Educator’s found technology was a key factor in shaping their experiences in shifting to online teaching.

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  • Student perspectives
    Remote Learning from the Student's Perspective

    We spoke to students of different ages to discuss their experiences with remote and flexible learning. Students discuss what has worked, their unique challenges and what they'd like teachers and school leaders to know about their experiences.

Distance Learning Resources

Adjusting to distance education? Our free COVID-19 Resource Bank provides a wealth of resources to aid in your transition.

Further Information

  • Why did we do this research?

    Pivot, in partnership with Education Perfect, aims to identify and provide essential resources and information that educators need during the transition to distance learning. We understand that these are unprecedented times and want to support our education communities to find innovative solutions to improve distance teaching and learning.
  • Why does it matter?

    As organisations focused on improving teaching and learning, we know how important gathering actionable data is right now. There is no singular approach or solution to distance learning, so our goal is to provide feedback and insights for the larger education community on the impacts of COVID-19 on teaching. and learning.
  • Who did we survey?

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Teaching Survey was open to school leaders and teachers from the Australia and New Zealand region between April 9th to April 13th 2020. A total of 3556 responses were collected during this time, representing all states in Australia and regions of New Zealand. Respondents cover all grade levels, domain areas and levels of experience.
  • What is to come?

    We are continuing our research into the impact of distance education on students and their families. The aim is to increase understanding of the impact distance learning has had on our schools.

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